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New EP  “Observer”   Out Now!

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New Release!

Observer EP out now


This is the rock-hard debut EP of Worldburn.


1. Era of Consumption
2. Sense of Security
3. Shortcut
4. Oblivious


The material is available to stream at Spotify and Deezer. Some songs can be listened in YouTube for free. See multimedia section for more links.

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Worldburn delivers tight semi-melodic death metal with screaming vocals, fast guitars, and thundering drumming – this is entertainment for the whole family!

The band was formed in 2017 in the dark basements of some abandoned factory in Turku, Finland.

The quartet

Arttu Häyrinen - Vocals & Bass
Antti Sorsa - Guitars & Keys
Osvaldo Trejo - Guitars
Mikko Aaltonen - Drums & Percussions

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Worldburn was founded in 2017 by Arttu Häyrinen, Antti Sorsa, Mikko Aaltonen and Sami Ruohonen as a semi-melodic death metal band, drawing influences from In Flames, Iced Earth, Death, Slayer and such bands. With this line-up they produced a few demo recordings and after the departure of Sami, Osvaldo "Ozz" Trejo joined the group.

Quite soon after that "Era of Consumption" was re-recorded and released as single. The band released their first EP in early 2020 with this line-up.

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Spotify Download Atomic Berries from Deezer Watch Atomic Berries in YouTube
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You can listen the latest material in Spotify or Deezer. Some of the songs are also available via YouTube.

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Worldburn plays live and loud! Check out the Facebook page for upcoming events.

You can also send show inquiries to showsvoodooentertainment.net and you'll soon be responded to with more info.


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Photos by Kalle Kervinen
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